breakpoint 2006 party report by fup/shice

after finally reaching the rundsporthalle in bingen am rhein for my first breakpoint visit,
i checked out the inside and outside party area to have a better impression of what
would be my new home for the next four days. hundreds of people from more than 30
nations worldwide (source: an open letter from the gorgeous bingen mayoress
Birgit Collin-Langen) would come together to have a great time at breakpoint 2006.

the inside was split into the entrance-area, three sittingblocks with enough space
for all sceners (definitely not less than two/three people on small/large tables,
please :) and the lovely grandstand, which also was the beamteam's location.
specially defined smoking-areas let the air inside the hall stay comfortable at
all times. outside, there was not only given the obligatory possibility to buy
beer and other (unimportant) drinks, there were also booths for sausages/fries,
crepes, breakfast, pasta, doenerkebap, baguettes etc etc! food-support greatly
provided for more or less affordable prices, a huge plus!

the opening-ceremony again showed everyone the until then already well-known
Breakpoint 2006 invitation by Farbrausch. afterwards, the orgas surprised the
crowd with a nicely invented play, continuing the story of it, inciting anyone to set
his/her scene-spirit free. the follwing days would show, that many visitors really
understood how to do so. breakpoint 2006 btw was also the location where the
guys from started their DTV Tour 2006.
later that evening ultrasound played some nice music, making lots of dudes go
go crazy in front of the stage.

on saturday, it was time for the first compos, starting out with the tracked
music compo, followed by the newschool executable music compo. during the day
several 4k/64k competitions were held also. worth some words here is probably
the amiga 4k contribution by loonies.
the amiga 4k compo couldn't be held because there weren't enough entries. so
it was decided that it should take part in the 64k amiga compo - which it won!
another outstanding event that evening was the animation/video competition.
there were so many great productions in it, you better check it out yourself!
(just like so many other great productions overall!)
another highlight followed in the evening: welle:erdball played
quite a good amount of songs, again making many people go nuts, this time all
over the area! the great final for this evening were the awards,
celebrating and honouring the most outstanding productions from 2005.

i found out it would have been better to use toilets in the night, since
there were queues of people sometimes, waiting for their opportunity to get
down on business. seperated shower-times for men and women were not only
well organized, there also was enough time for anybody to plan when to go, either
early in the morning, around noon or in the evening.
the first compo on sunday was the unofficial ansi/ascii compo with only a few,
but mostly interesting contributions. the rest of the day was packed with
music and gfx compos on all platforms, having an end with pc 64k intro,
amiga demo and of course pc demo competitions. the pc demo competition didn't
show to many outstanding productions, although there were 29 contributions.
you could have guessed who would win during the compo, namely deities
by mfx. in between, BASS rocked the party-system (which btw was incredibly fresh!),
with a lot of.. erm.. bass!
afterwards some people already left the party, the others were encouraged to vote!
on monday the pricegiving ceremony started around 2hrs late. which might have been
a good decision, for many sceners were still junked of the night before.
after all, it was a very well-organized party, with many friendly guests, at a
superbe location and of course a shitload of great productions!
afterwards, nobody could complain about the 'high' entrance-fee (which btw would even
be to less, if the sponsors wouldnt help out).
cut it out, just set your scene-spirit free! ;D

- fup

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